Kevin J. Napper, 2012 Recipient of President’s Commendation from NACDL

In 2012, Kevin Napper was awarded the President’s Commendation from the President of the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, which has roughly 40,000 members. The award recognizes “outstanding support and service to the goals and objectives of the NACDL and the criminal justice system.”

Members of the NACDL include private practitioners and public defenders who handle criminal matters, state and federal judges, prosecutors, law professors, U.S. military defense counsel, F.B.I. agents, D.E.A. agents, and those employed by local and state police and sheriffs’ agencies. Founded in 1958 and based in Washington, D.C., the NACDL is affiliated with 90 state, local, and international criminal defense lawyer organizations.

Mr. Napper described the NACDL as:

“…a membership organization that provides support to its members, in part, through its brief bank. Lawyers facing novel issues can turn to the brief bank to find useful motions to adapt for their purposes.”

The NACDL does legislative and policy work. Additionally, said Mr. Napper, “Members testify before congress on issues of interest to people working in the criminal justice system.”
Because the NACDL president gives a commendation to just one member lawyer per year, Mr. Napper considers his commendation one of the most prestigious professional recognitions he has received.